About Camino

Hi! I'm Nohra, the founder and owner of Camino Kombucha.

Our mission is to brew affordable, high-quality kombucha for anytime, anywhere drinking. We believe in the potential for kombucha to be so much more than just a health drink. It's probiotic, nonalcoholic, and low in sugar, but most of all, it tastes amazing, and to us, it only makes sense that it should be served alongside beer, coffee, soda, and any other beverage you already enjoy.

We're based in MaKen Studios in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia. We're dedicated to creating community through our product as well as empowering our neighborhood through our business as we grow.



In the winter of 2018, I was working in Washington D.C. and coming back to Philadelphia over the weekends. Before leaving, I would set a batch of kombucha to brew, go to work, and try again week later and share my experiments with friends. My friends and I love trying craft beers, but nearly all of them had either never heard of kombucha or had been too intimidated to try it. In May of 2018, I started Camino Kombucha to share my favorite drink with my favorite city.

Inspired by the citrus trees, prickly pears, and 99-cent iced teas of my youth in Phoenix, Arizona, Camino Kombucha shares West Coast culture in a way that’s uniquely Philly.

-Nohra Murad, Founder of Camino Kombucha

About Nohra

I’m Nohra, the owner of Camino Kombucha. I continue to eat, sleep, and breathe Camino as its head brewer, salesperson, delivery person - you name it, I do it, at least for the timebeing! When I'm not brewing, you can find me in my Center City apartment hanging out with my three cats or at a Food Trust farmers' market. You can reach me at nohra@caminokombucha.com.

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